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Foster Care

Learn how to become a foster parent.

How It Works

While PAOC is a full time animal shelter, there is always a need for after hours care for young pups or kittens and/or an injured dog or cat. Fostering a pet is a very rewarding experience. The pets we can foster out may need several feedings during the day/night, may need special medications which we provide and most of all, need cuddling and warmth and a secure, safe place to either heal or become self sufficient.


All fostered pets are non aggressive, come with food, supplies, bedding, cages and or carriers as needed and complete directions for their care. We would prefer a home with no small children and few other animals so that the fostered pet will receive ample attention and dedicated care. Please call for more information and to be put on the available foster pet parent list. PAOC never knows when the need will arise - having back up assistance for these special pets will be a blessing. 361-243- 8550.

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