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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PAOC a non-profit organization?

Yes. We rely on community donations, fundraising events, and foundation grants to fund our programs.

What does it mean to be a No-Kill shelter?

We are a selective intake shelter, meaning we focus on saving as many adoptable animals as possible. We shelter an adoptable animal for as long as it takes to find him or her a permanent home. All animals who enter our shelter pass a medical and temperament test.


Where do your animals come from?

Transfers from other shelters and owner surrenders.

Are there criteria for adopting animals?

Yes. Every potential adopter must complete an application and pass a simple interview to ensure they will be able to properly care for an animal.


Do you accept ANY cats and dogs in your adoption program?

If you want to surrender your pet, you can contact us.  There are surrender donations and help with the necessary "take-in" expenses.  It averages $100 per cat/kitten, and $150 per pup/dog to "make ready" a pet for adoption.  All cats and dogs must pass a medical and temperament evaluation before being placed in our adoption program.

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