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As a 501c3 non profit shelter/rescue and rehabilitation agency for homeless pets, all incoming funds are used to maintain the shelter and the welfare of the pets.  Each pet is vetted, up to date on shots, treated for parasites or fleas and depending on its age may have already been spayed or neutered. PAOC has a substantial investment in each pet.

Adoption fees are as follows:

Puppies and young small dogs:  $150

Adult dogs:   $150


Kittens:   $100

Adult cats:    $50 to $100


Many of our pets have an “adoption sponsor” who pays a portion of the adoption fees.  Often this results in a major discount.  Currently most large dogs who have been in our system for one year or more, may be adopted for $50 with an approved adoption application.

There are also discounts for multiple adoptions.  We encourage kittens to be adopted as a pair and likewise many of our small puppies may be adopted as a pair.  We do not and never will offer “free adoptions”.


We accept cash, checks and major credit cards.  We also offer gift certificates for purchase. We do not advise “gifting” a pet to someone as a surprise.  Purchase one of our PAOC gift cards and let the potential adopter choose the perfect pet for them or their family.

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