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Surrendering a Pet

Here's How You Do It

Pet Adoptions of Cuero would like to help those who need to rehome their pet or have found a stray, however the organization was established in 2012 to work with the City of Cuero Animal Control Department. Pets left at the city shelter will have priority over other possible incoming pets. Kennel, cage and pen space at PAOC is limited as is often the case with small town shelters. We recommend those who need to find homes for their pets to try all available resources such as facebook, pet websites, the local newspapers and also word of mouth.


Check if PAOC has space available before arriving at the shelter with an animal. Donations will be required to cover intake expenses of the pet - including a complete vet exam, needed shots and any other possible conditions such a fleas, ticks and skin problems. These costs can average over $100 per animal depending on the circumstances. Since PAOC is run completely on donations, the intake of any new pet is a financial burden and the public's help and assistance is truly needed and appreciated. If the pet is definitely a stray, we will work to post the info on our facebook page but we may need the finder to foster the pet in the meantime. Not only are we limited on funds for intake, this small town shelter does not have enough staff to handle the overwhelming number of pets every day of the year - the feeding, cleaning, exercising, socializing and pet's health care is an overwhelming task for the gracious people who give of their free time to help - 7 days a week with no time off for holidays.

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